a little bit about my journey

Muavia Usmani - Headshot

In February 2014, while I was a junior in Mechanical Engineering, I got a chance to work for a newly started business as its first software engineer. In my part time role, I was tasked with building an online employee registry for the company. Over the next year and a half, that in house software evolved into a combination of an employee management system, a resource planning and tracking software for the company to keep record of its lead generation and outbound services business, and a way for it to showcase its capability to handle large volumes of business to its prospective clients. By that time, I too had figured out that I was more interested in building engaging user experiences than going any further in Mechanical Engineering. And so, I began my journey as a full stack engineer.

Over the past 6 years, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of startup environments, as well as a wide range of software projects. And the best part I have found about my job is that there’s always something new to learn. While I continue to learn and improve myself everyday as a full stack engineer, I have now taken up product design as a career path that I aspire to pursue. However, I believe in taking one day at a time approach in achieving my goals. And currently I’m focusing on improving my UX design skills.

Apart from work, I love reading about a variety of subjects some of which include psychology, behavioural economics, physics, evolutionary biology, business, and history.