things I think about
(absolutely not limited to what I do)

On Reading

Yesterday while making coffee, I was asked by a colleague if my habit of reading made me feel like if I knew more than others. Because of the question being unexpected and my inherent doubt of my intellectual capabilities, my half decent response was that I was not sure. But I did try to explain how studying science, particularly physics has allowed me to develop a framework of thought where instead of grasping any argument at its face value, I try to question its underlying fundamentals. I’ll elaborate this later, but since that little talk, I’ve had the chance to think more about and this is how it goes for me.

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The Talent Powerhouse

We are the greatest, smartest nation on the planet earth. God has gifted us with immense talents, courage and ability to achieve anything we set our mind to. All that’s left now is to use that treasure of blessings and let the world know that we mean business.

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The End