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Full Stack Engineer

HireNinja Inc.

CalendarMarch 2017 - PresentPinIslamabad, Pakistan
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Joined HireNinja as a full stack developer in client services division with a focus on AngularJS and Laravel. From there, proceeded to work on company’s products and client services. Whether in services, or while building products, I had the opportunity to work on projects from the ground up, exposing me to the dynamism of a startup repeatedly. Got to work as a backend/frontend developer exclusively, move across the board as full stack developer while also engaging with designers, product and project managers. And have increasingly been given the chance to translate business requirements into technical specifications, and eventually, into functioning code. This freedom of mobility has been pivotal for me in figuring out my career path from a novice developer to an aspiring product designer/manager.


Software Engineer

Orbit (previously Cygnus Solutions)

CalendarJune 2016 - February 2017PinIslamabad, Pakistan

When I joined Orbit in June 2016, they were in a race against time to meet the deadlines of company's largest client. To retain the contract, we needed to deliver MVP within a month so we could have a second shot at revamping the client's software. Therefore, for the next month, we worked around the clock to achieve the goals, and fortunately, we did. For the remainder of my tenure at Orbit, I was mainly working for that same client. Got to improve my command over Laravel, took my first steps toward using AngularJS, learned and eventually configured a storage pipeline for the client on AWS S3 and solved some other interesting problems along the way.


Web Developer


CalendarAugust 2015 - February 2016PinIslamabad, Pakistan

With its main focus on providing web hosting solutions to its customers, Pakservers at the time was also getting small to medium web projects and needed a web developer to work on those. Having graduated in Mechanical Engineering with little formal training in Computer Science or programming, this job proved to be a nice opportunity for me in learning how to do professional software development. With its close deadlines sometimes, and scalability challenges at low computing powers that small businesses could afford, this job pressure tested me for if I was able to pursue a career in software engineering.

Firststep Communications

Software Engineer (Part Time)

Firststep Communications

CalendarFebruary 2014 - November 2015PinRawalpindi, Pakistan

Firststep Communications had just started business when I stumbled upon the opportunity to work for them. Since I had already been practicing my skills as a web developer for the past year on campus, I thought it would be a nice way to hone my skills further. The business itself being young could not afford a graphic designer or a senior engineer, so while I did not have much guidance, it was also an opportunity learn from trying new things. From building backend architectures (which looking back now, seem horrendous) to choosing color schemes for UIs, this job was my introduction to being a full-stack developer.


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National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST)

Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering

Calendar2011 - 2015PinIslamabad, Pakistan

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API/Backend Engineering


Frontend Engineering

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UI/UX Design

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Mobile Development

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